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E-Bike Smart

Your Guide to Safe Riding

Electric bicycles (e-bikes) are a fun, healthy, and safe way to explore the great outdoors and make short trips more enjoyable. With more people discovering the many joys and benefits of riding an e-bike, we created E-Bike Smart to share the basics of maintaining your e-bike, handling and charging your e-bike battery, and riding safely while out on the road or trail. Whether you’re new to riding or just need a refresher, everyone can learn and benefit from this course.

Safe Riding is Fun Riding

This safety guidance will take you through a series of short videos that explain what an electric bicycle is, how to handle your e-bike battery, where you can ride e-bikes, and best practices for rider safety and etiquette when on your e-bike. After each video, you can take a brief quiz to test your knowledge.